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River of forbearance

(بيدل) منم آن گوهر درياي تحمل

کز لنگر من شورش طوفان گله دارد

Non literal translation

Bedil I am a pearl of the river of forbearance

A hundred tempests complain of my firmness


On my lonely path

وحيد من الخلان في كل بلدةٍ

اذا عظُم المطلوب قلّ المساعد

Al Mutanabbi

I walk on my lonely path

Away from friend and foe

In every town and land

When the goal is high

The means are small



گاو خر از آگهي انسان نخواهد گشت ليک

آدمي گر اندکي غافل شود خر ميشود

Cows and donkeys won’t become human

Even if they achieve higher awareness

Man does become a donkey

If he becomes unaware for a moment

Throwing intellect to the winds

چه دانشها که بر بادش نداديم

جنون هم کار آساني ندارد


How much intellect has been thrown to the winds

Passion never makes anything easy

Wailing that melts the soul

يک دم به نواي دل من گوش فرا دار

کاين ناله جان سوز ز هر ساز نيايد

Listen to the voice of my heart and hold your breath

The wailing that melts the soul does not arise from every flute

Rahee Muarree


River of unfulfilled desires

From Bedil

بسکه ميجوشد ازين درياي حسرت حب جاه

قطره هم سعي حبابي دارد از شوق کلاه

Greed for status gushes forth in the river of unfulfilled desires

The drop of water strives like a bubble to wear the hat of pride

Stone is the judge

گرسلامت خواهي از ساز تظلم دم مزن

دادرس در عهد ما سنگست و مينا دادخواه


If you want safety then don’t even take a breathe against the instrument of injustice

In these times the one asking for justice is a glass bottle while stone is the judge