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The eye that sees all but itself

آن که چشمش پي عيب دگران است چهار

چون به عيب خودش افتاد نظر، کور آمد

The eye that never fails to see the faults of others

Seems blind to its own short sightedness


Pointing fingers

کردم انگشت ز عيب دگران تا کوتاه

سالم انگشت من از خانه زنبور آمد


When I stopped pointing finger at others

My finger came out unscathed from the hornet’s nest

Saib Tabrizi

Finding way in darkness

در شب تاريک برداري نقاب از روي خويش

مرد نابينا ببيند بازيابد راه را

If you were to take off in the darkest of nights

The veil that covers your glowing face

Even the man born blind

Shall find his way aroun

Reflection in a cup of wine

این همه عکس می و نقش نگارین که نمود

یک فروغ رخ ساقیست که در جام افتاد

Hafiz Shirazi

All this reflection of wine

And the dazzling glow that you see

Is but an expansion of the cup giver’s face

That pervades the cup

An imprint of imagination

عالم چه بود به نزد عارف

نقشي که خيال مي نگارد

What is the cosmos in a gnostic’s sight?

An imprint of someone’s imagination!

From Parveen Eitisami

بپاي خويش نيفکنده روشني هرگز

اگر چه کار چراغ است نور بخشيدن

نه آگهيست، ز حکم قضا شدن دلتنگ

نه مردمي است، ز دست زمانه ناليدن

پروین اعتصامی

Even though a lamp is required to give light

It does not do so for its own sake

It is not a sign of wisdom to lose hope

From what the destiny brings

It is not manliness to cry at the wounds inflicted by the hands of time

Sadness is disbelief

وفا کنیم و ملامت کـشیم و خوش باشیم

کـه در طریقـت ما کافریست رنـجیدن

بـه پیر میکده گفتم که چیست راه نجات

بخواسـت جام می و گفت عیب پوشیدن

Hafiz Shirazi

Loyalty is our way

We put up with condemnation

And live merrily

To be sad is disbelief in our belief

I said to the tavern master

What is the way to salvation?

He asked for a cup of wine and said

“Cover the faults of mankind.”